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Developing Loan Boxes of University Museum and the Teaching Lesson Plans Shu-Fen Cheng, Yi-Jung Lin, Jer-Ming Hu, Mei-chun Lydia Wen, Yu-Teh Kirk Lin .pdf

Learning Across Boundaries: Exploring the Possibilities of Museum Education through Juming Museum’s Volunteer Training Program Shiao-Hwa Liu, Lo-Yun Chung .pdf

The Role of Museum in Service Learning of Senior High School Students: A Case Study of National Museum of Natural Science Der-Sheng Liu, Kai-Ping Hsiung, Wen-Ching Shin .pdf

Museum Science Education Program Practice Reflective Thinking: 2001 to 2011 Ten Years Experience Review and Expectation Jung-Hua Yeh .pdf

Education Strategy of Contemporary Museums: Interpretation of "Sediq Fever" Phenomenon Yu-Ru Chen .pdf

Dramas and Role-Play in History Museums: A Study on the Interactive Drama Programs in the National Museum of Taiwan History Yi-Ying Chou .pdf

The Innovation of Knowledge Exchange: Re-building the Relationships between Museums and Aboriginal Communities Meng-Fan Lu .pdf

Museum Learning or Marketing Curiosity? Exploring the Development and Deployment of Museum Apps Min-Ching Lan, Hsiu-Wen Ko .pdf

Boundless Effectiveness: Analysis of Educational Activities by the Geological Museum of China and Their Characteristics Shi-Feng Liu .pdf

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre and Heritage Conservation Education: On the Professional Museum Education Staff Yi-Liang Chen .pdf

Museum, Rituals and Generation in Transition: A Case Study of the Nagahamashi Hikiyama Museum in Japan Li-Man Chan .pdf

The Active Role of Visitor: How to Produce the Meaning of the Exhibition through Visiting Wan-Chen Chang .pdf

Museum, Civil Knowledge, and the Formation of the New Public Sphere: A Case Study of the Concept and Practice of Civil Research Activities in Japan Jan-Yen Huang .pdf