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The Boundary Between Science Generalize and Vularize: The Educational Function Discussion for Two Exhibitions Jung-Hua Yeh .pdf

The Exhibition Trilogy: Stop, Look, and Think Feng-Ying Keng .pdf

Significance or Loyalty? - An Example of the National Museum of Prehistory in the Discussion of Jianghu Code Inherent in Museum and Indigenous Community Cooperation in Exhibition and Interpretation Sung-En Lin .pdf

Gendered Politics of New Immigrant Exhibition: A Reflection on Two Exhibitions in Taiwan Chun-Kai Wang, Han-Pi Chang, Wei-An Chang, and Hong-Zen Wang .pdf

The National Display and Building Identity: A Study on China Pavilion, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Wen-Ling Lin .pdf

Spectacle: New Landscape of Museum Exhibitions in the UK Shin-Chieh Tzeng .pdf

Engaging and Debating "Locality" in Urban Space: Exploring the Value and Function of Public Art in Taipei and Kaohsiung Min-Ching Lan, Yu-Juin Wang, and Hsiu-Wen Ko .pdf

In the Name of Differences: An Analysis of Museum Exhibition Curating and Cultural Politics Pang-Yen Cheng

Exhibition and Polities of Public Memory Controversies around Berlin's Neue Wache Yu-Juin Wang .pdf

Exhibiting Taiwan History:From Taiwan Viceroy's Office Museum to Taiwan Provincial Museum, 1920-1960 Tzu-Ning Li .pdf

Self and Other:A Study on the Permanent Exhibition of Africa in the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan Yi-Ping Lu .pdf

Second Life Patricia H-J Huang .pdf

Time in Space: The Embodiment and Museum Exhibition of the Ritual Music and Dance among Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples Chen-Hsien Yang .pdf

On Memorial Museums:An Exploration of the Exhibition Landscapes of Historical Sites Chin-Jung Tsao/ Ronald Tsao .pdf

Towards a Phenomenology of Exhibition Space:Understanding Museums through Bodily Experiences Yang-Yi Kuo .pdf

A study on Narrative Structure Analysis of Exhibition as Text... Wan-Chen Chan .pdf