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Date Conference / Symposium / Workshop Rate
2015/10/19~2015/10/23 ICOM-NATHIST 2015 TAIWAN CONFERENCE - Natural History Museums: Building Our Future 1927
2016/04/30~2016/04/30 2016 Artifacts of Non-Destructive Material Testing Workshop 1880
2010/11/18~2010/11/19 4th Biennial Conference of Museum Studies on “The Landscapes of Museum Exhibition” 1964
2009/10/07~2009/10/08 Retrospect and Prospect:Post-Prints Conservation of Cultural Relics International Academic Seminar 1730
2012/10/25~2012/10/26 5th Biennial Conference of Museum Studies on “Beyond Museum Education and Learning” 1699
2014/10/30~2014/10/31 The 2014 International Biennial Conference of Museum Studies (IBCMS) - Restoration and Rejuvenation of Cultural and Natural Heritage:A Museological Perspective 1755
2011/04/01~2011/04/03 International Symposium on the Documentation and Conservation of the Architecture of Modern Movement in East Asia 1675
2013/01/05~2013/01/06 International Congress on Architecture and Modernity Oceanic Modernity - The Asia-Pacific Tectonic Culture and Post-colonialism 1722
2008/10/28~2008/10/29 Challenges and Perspectives: New Roles of the Natural History Museum in Response to Global Changes 1798
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