Market Tours - The Biology of Food

While we enjoy the gourmet, would we take notice of what we’re eating? How did these “food” come from? It causes any affection in ecosystem and the global environment when humans use these organisms?

In order to eat healthier, smarter and more sustainable, National Taiwan Museum Nanmen Park wants to invite you to visit our special exhibition : "Market Tour - Biology in Food", to come inside and join our technological market, playing “passing challenges” and learning more about the edible organisms, where food grows, how food to be obtained and the role of edible organisms in the ecosystem.

* 4 times a day on opening day (Tue.-Sun. ), maximum of 100 persons per session.

* Limit 30 groups for each game. Please register online first.

* Additional charge(with working sheets/30 per session) is NT$50/person (Cash ONLY, BYO EASYCARD)

* Age: 10 and above.

* Registration: HERE



Venue:Nanmen Park