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2021/09/17 Taiwan Plus, Taiwan’s First Video Streaming Platform, Goes Live
2020/12/12 The Dancing Camphor Flower and the Singing Sambar:National Taiwan Museum Introduce Exhibits in the Form of Museum Theater
2020/11/24 Dream Came True: Schoolchildren from Namasia Had Sleepover with Dinosaurs in NTM and Expressed Gratitude in Flashmob Performance
2020/11/21 NTM’s “A Fantastic Micro World” video invites you to the mesmerizing world of pollen grains and to hear their lively heartbeat
2020/11/16 Summoning the Guardian from the Antiquity: National Taiwan Museum Released its First Comic Book
2020/11/09 Special Exhibition of Butterfly and Blessing:Resonance between Art and Science
2020/11/05 Plant the seeds of our motherland Guardian elf “Cloudy” prompts visits to the NTM kids’ exploration exhibition.
2020/09/28 “The Secrets Behind Whale Skeleton” Decoding Whale Skeleton! Longman’s beaked whale on the display for the first time
2020/09/01 Embarking on the Voyage with The Treasure Chest of Asia: Dr. Paul Lin’s Puppet Collection Donated to National Taiwan Museum
2020/08/03 Huanghetitan Comes Alive! AR “National Taiwan Museum in your Hand” “Augments” Your Imagination Towards Paleontology
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