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NTM’s “A Fantastic Micro World” video invites you to the mesmerizing world of pollen grains and to hear their lively heartbeat

  • Date:2020-11-21

Beautiful flowers are a feast to the eyes, but have you ever wondered how intricately small pollen is under close inspection? National Taiwan Museum joins hands with AU Optronics Corporation in a project that features Taiwan’s typical and representative plant species, using technologies such as microphotography, time-lapse photography, and high-definition drone photography to make “micro-perspective” videos on pollen grains and flowers. From a micro point of view, you can hear the heartbeat of the plants. Today, the National Taiwan Museum played the video “A Fantastic Micro World” in an immersive theater space, and invited director 呂文元, 3D animation team and the research group of NTM to the Q&A session to share their works and challenges during the work.

Hung Shi-yu, director of NTM said that the research team of NTM collected several hundreds of pollen from different plants and displayed the astonishing structures and lively features of flora. The research project, accomplished using electron microscopy and images of pollen grains, is a combination of aesthetics as well as digital technology. In the video, some 30 varieties of pollen grain 3D-model can be seen, in turn taking the viewers on a trip into the spectacular microscopic world of plants. You will be blown away by this unprecedented point of view. Maybe an inspiration will be sparked within you, and open your eyes to concern for our natural environment.

Ku Shiu-hua, Head of Sustainability for AU Optronics Corporation, said that the video installment is a joint work of HD photography, well-experienced film makers and 3D animation team. A combination of modern image technology and visual arts was able to immerse the audience in a breathtaking experience of fine grains. From a microscopic point of view, not only could one witness the bursting strength of flora, but also the importance of plant biodiversity.

The size of pollen grains are only half as thick as human hair, and it cannot be observed by the naked eye. The video used microscopic photos of pollens as the creative basis, combining 3D animation, by which plane image was converted into 3 dimensional models; moreover, the flowers were documented with an exceptional photography technology. The video creative content opens a microscopic point of view for the audiences.

Today’s special event for NTM is a hands-on activity “A Fantastic Micro World: the wonders of pollen”. The video installation will be on air starting the 22nd this month in the theater at the main branch of National Taiwan Museum. You are more than welcome to come and admire the beauty of flora and their pollen grains with us, and learn about biodiversity at the same time.