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The education of National Taiwan Museum focuses on promoting biodiversity and cultural diversity. Social media and creative activities are involved for people of all ages, like toddlers, pre-school kids, university students and retired people. We emphasize cultural equality and serve minority groups. In the future, we will keep delivering educational messages that are important and brilliant.

Main Building

Secrets for you to Discover

For family visitors and elementary school students, the lessons are about the construction history of NTM, zoology and botany. The students can learn about nature and humanity by observation, game, demonstration and hands-on activities. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)


Education plan for urban naturalist

Many naturalists that have worked in our museum have shed light on the birth of modern knowledge of Taiwan with their detailed record. 228 Peace Memorial Park, located just around National Taiwan Museum, is the greenery at the heart of Taipei. In this course, citizens will be educated to become potential naturalists. With advanced technology, everyone can observe green areas, big or small, to expend the influence of individuals in the long run by observing more green areas and to testify Urban Heat Island effect. For the importance of greenery in a city to be seen. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)


Blast to the Past: Walking Tour of Old Taipei

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Western architectures in downtown Taipei? How did they represent the modernization of Taiwan? Why did 228 Peace Park get to be renamed after one of the most traumatic incidents in Taiwan? Let us guide you through the hidden history of downtown Taipei!

■Current Sessions: 17th March 2024, 21st April 2024.

■Time: AM 9:20- 12:30 (Duration: 3 hrs)
■Meeting Spot: North Gate- Beimen Post Office (台北市中正區忠孝西路一段120號)
■Fee: NT$50 regular; NT$25 discount.
■Online registration via Walking tour registration form


 National Taiwan Museum Multilingual Tour

The Museum, the oldest in Taiwan, was established in 1908. In 1915, construction of the Museum’s new home was completed in an elegant and classical style, making the Museum one of the most noteworthy public buildings by the Japanese colonial government. In 1999, the Museum underwent a new christening as the “National Taiwan Museum.” Although its name has changed, the Museum is the only museum built in Japanese colonial era that, after wars and changes in government, remains open at its original site. Witnessing the history of Taiwan and withstanding the warfare and time, the building itself is an indispensable piece of urban heritage and was designated as a National Historic Site. The tour will disclose the secret details about the Museum building that bring the story of the modernization in Taiwan. Although the Museum was founded as a natural history museum, it holds some important historical treasures in its collection, for example, the Yellow Tiger Flag (the flag of the Formosan Republic), which will also be introduced in the tour.

The Museum is working with the Ministry of Culture to create a museum complex incorporating historic sites and buildings at the core of Taipei City, with “Taiwan” as the unifying theme. And the tour will lead the audience exploring under the theme.

■Current Sessions: Every Sunday afternoon, 14:00-14:30 and 15:00-15:30.

■Duration: 30 minutes.
■Meeting Spot: 1F Information Desk, Main Building
■Fee: NT$30 regular; NT$15 discount.
■Walk-in registration.

Land Bank Exhibition Hall

Junior tour guide for ancient creature
Junior tour guide for ancient creature

Since 2013, NTM has been providing lessons for junior tour guides for the ancient creature. It's expected that this kind of lesson, different from staying in classrooms, the children can give guided tour about the exhibition "A Walk with Fossils" at Land Bank Exhibition Hall. Those who completed the course will be invited to give tours on site and share what they've learned with other children, to promote environmental education and issues about evolution. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)

Earth you & me

In this lesson, the children will know about the representative animal on the earth from ancient time to now. With the help of paper play, the children will know how the dinosaurs ended up in a museum. They will touch the fossil of dinosaur's teeth and claw, learn how fossils are formed and being exhibited in museums. They will even learn how to imagine the life of a dinosaur by looking at the fossils. This course is suitable for children from 6 to 12 and will be held every other weekend at Land Bank Exhibition Hall. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)

Wild ViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen

This project is held with WildViewTaiwan Nature Communication Society. Every summer, 20 wildlife and environmental documentary are selected to share with the audience in order to pass on the environmental issues that have been noticed and raise public awareness of natural life and environment. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)

Nanmen Tale

Nanmen Tale

Nanmen Tale is where parents and kids can learn together. 3D paintings In the Children's Room create an atmosphere of camphor kingdom. The life cycle of a camphor tree is introduced as well as the insects that live with it. For example, Graphium Sarpedon, Camphor sawfly and Limona gonometa. By reading the picture book, children can learn more about the magpie, barbet, black bulbul, night heron, which are animals related to camphor. The students will know more about the rich biodiversity of Nanmen Park and realized the relationship of man and nature. (The lessons are given in Mandarin)

Moving Museum on Weekends

A museum is like an encyclopedia. It knows everything. Sometimes it's hard to get started! Don't worry, from now on, we can discover it in a fun way. Follow the Moving Museum for interesting stories and treasures. Do-It-Yourself activity will be covered in this session so that you will find the museum more attractive.(The lessons are given in Mandarin)