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The Observation and Identification of Traditional God-Figure Wood Sculpture Jen-Cheng Lin .pdf

Preparation and Characterization of Mounting Papers Yuan-Shing Perng, Jiann-Gwo Shyu .pdf

Scientific Analysis of Glass Beads Excavated the Iron Age Archaeological Sites, East Taiwan Hsiao-Chin Yang, Kun-Hsiu Lee .pdf

Color Measuring and Color Analyzing for Art Paintings Hung-Shing Chen .pdf

Identification of Painting Materials by Trace Analysis Techniques Yi-Ling Pan, Yuan-Feng Chang, Wei-Tun Chang .pdf

Study on the Firing Technique of Folk Blue-and-White Porcelain of Jingdezhen of Late Ming Period Tung-Ho Chen, Yun-Chie Chen, Chih-Fu Chen .pdf

The Detection and Analysis of Bronze Artifacts at Hanben Heritage Tsuey-Lin Tsai, Yu-Hung Shih, Liang-Cheng Chen, Chuan-Pin Lee, Yi-Chang Liu .pdf

A Preliminary Study on Corrosion of Ironware Analyzed by Using X-Ray Tomography Ming-Chee Wu, Chuan-Pin Lee, Chia-Chen Hsu, Shih-Chin Tsai, Tsuey-Lin Tsai .pdf

Non-Destructive Analysis on Ancient Bronze Artifacts Jiann-Neng Fang, Huei-Fen Chen, Jian-Hua Su, Bing-Sheng Yu .pdf