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An Exhibition Based on Comprehensive Research in Natural History and History of Science and Technology in View of the Anthropocene Dr. Osamu KAMEI .pdf

Laboratory Rat Carcasses Make Wonders for Public Education: An Innovative Case of Resource-Sharing between Biological Course Material and Museum Outreach in the National Taiwan University Wei-Wang KUO, Dr. Hon-Tsen YU, Yi-Jung LIN .pdf

Politics and the Future of Natural History Museum Dr. Eric DORFMAN .pdf

The Insect Specimen Collection in the National Taiwan Museum Dr. Sheng-Chih, OU-YANG .pdf

The Exhibitions of Microfossil Collections in Taiwan Dr. Liang-Chi WANG, Jun-Tsong LIN, Dr. Jiann-Neng FANG .pdf

An Approach to Acquire Bird Specimens for the Museum’s Collection Jun-Tsong LIN .pdf

Museum Practices and Discussion Host:Eric Dorfman

Exhibitions that Achieved Unexpected Results in the State Darwin Museum Dr. Anna KLIUKINA .pdf

Experience Matters: The Economic Value of a Natural History Museum Huan-Ting YU .pdf

Understanding Visitors’ Experience through their Blogs: A Case Study Based on Three Natural History Themed Exhibitions Yu-Chwen HSU, I-Zu SU, Chao-Ling KUO .pdf

Case Study on the Qualities of a Museum Publication Editor: Using the Book 'Rainbow and Dragonfly: Where the Atayal Clothing Meets the Paiwan Multi-colored Glass Beads' as an Example Lucy LAI .pdf

Learning the Past in the Present- An Exploration of Museum Audiences’ Experiences in the Digital Age Dr. Han-Hsiu CHEN, Dr. Ying-Tzung SHIEH .pdf

Displaying and Interpreting Industrial Pollution: A Study of Visitor Comments on “When the South Wind Blows” Exhibition Dr. Chia-Li CHEN, Hsu HUANG .pdf

“Album Dictionary”– An Interactive Program to Engage Audiences by Asking Them to Express Their Personal Way of Understanding/Enjoying Museums Mika MASTUO .pdf

International Partnerships with Natural History Museum William CHEUNG .pdf

Partnering for Productive Collections: Finding the Right Match Kieran SHEPHERD, M. BECKEL, M. GRAHAM/ .pdf

Building Internal Partnership for Long-Duration Exhibition Dr. Maria Isabel LANDIM, Felipe Alves ELIAS .pdf

Building Partnership with Indigenous Museums: Experiences the National Taiwan Museum Tzu-Ning LI, Pai-Lu WU, Meng-Fan LU .pdf