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Museums and Sustainability in Science and Education of Natural and Cultural Heritage Gerhard Winter .pdf

Partnership and Sustainable Development: Networks of International and Interdisciplinary Cooperation Cheng-Sen Li, Volker Mosbrugger .pdf

Interdisciplinary and International Cooperation of National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Wei-Hsien Wang .pdf

Connection with and Relevance to Eco-Environmental Concerns, Policies and Education – in the Case of Lake Biwa Museum Hiroya Kawanabe .pdf

Les Muséums d’Histoire Naturelle Face à la Crise de la Biodiversité Bertrand Pierre Galey .pdf

The New Mission and Challenges of Natural Science Museums Hen-Biau King, Chau-Chin Lin .pdf

The Sustainable Museum: A Global Review Eric J. Dorfman .pdf

Biodiversity, Global Change and the History of Life: Challenges in Managing Natural History Collections in the 21st Century Russell D. “Tim” White .pdf

Environmentally Friendly Operation of Museums: Insights the Business Sector Tien-Jye Chang, Tak-Cheung Lau .pdf

From Biodiversity to Cultural Diversity: A Vision for the National Taiwan Museum in the 21st Century Tsung-Huang Hsiao .pdf

New Roles and Challenges: Development of Eco-Museums in Asia – A Neo-Natural History Museum Perspective Sushil Kumar Saraswat .pdf

New Roles and Challenges: Development of Natural History Museums in Vietnam to Address Environmental Issues Minh Duc Le, Dzung Le .pdf