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Postcolonial Reflections on “Architecture and Modernity” Hilde Heynen .pdf

Taiwanese Architecture during the Japanese Colonial Period Chun-Ming Huang

Southeast Asia and Oceanic Modernity Chee-Kien Lai .pdf

Regional Urbanism in pre-modern Asia From the perspective of Marine network Chen Chun Chieh .pdf

Top Design Innovation of Chinese Urbanization Theory and Core Value of Urbanization Strategy Construction of Chinese Local Urbanization Theoretical Model Hong-Yan Zhang .pdf

“The Yilan Experience” and Positivism: Exploring the Relationship between History, Theory and Practice in the Field of Architecture Wen-Chi Wang .pdf

“Oceanic Modernity” – a Strategic Problematizing Activity Cheng-Hsuan Kao .pdf

“China’s Architecture”: a historiographical construction of Liang Sicheng and his colleagues 1932-1946 Tao Zhu .pdf

“Modernity” of “Tumu / Yingzao”, the Way of Recognizing Chinese Architecture in the Past Century Zhao Chen .pdf

Modernism and the Reality: China and the Unfinished Challenge of Modernity Yi-Min Zhu .pdf

Transplantation, Modernity, and Jinliao Catholic Church Chun-Hsiung Wang, Arnold Hsu .pdf

Artech-Inc. Taipei Kris Yao .pdf

Chien Architects Associates Hsueh-Yi Chien .pdf

Stonehenge Architects International, Taipei Victor Su .pdf

Artonics Architects Associates Jay W Chiu .pdf

Taiwan Modern Architecture- Displacement of Modernity Chaolee Kuo .pdf