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From “Ethnographic Objects” to “Cultural Heritage” Implications the “Indigenous Collection Returning Home Exhibitions” of National Taiwan Museum Tzu-Ning Li .pdf

Producing Ethnic-Group Knowledge in Museums – Based on the Collection and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage in Mainland China’s Ethnics Museums Jie Wu .pdf

Representation of Belief: The Exhibition and Interpretation of Ko Hsiang Chin-Hsien Lee .pdf

The Reproduction and Protection of Cultural Heritage A Study About the Chongqing Opening and Commerce Museum Zhen Qin .pdf

The Possibilities of Using the “c23” Warehouses to Increase the Value of the Cultural Heritage of Jilong (Taiwan) José Eugenio Borao Mateo .pdf

Divergence, Subject and Self-interpretation Local Community of Cultural Heritage, Paiwan Maljeveq as an Example Angusan‧Palivulj, Sung-En Lin .pdf

Conflicts Surrounding the Asia Culture Complex Who This Project Belongs to, Central Government or Local Communities? Geuntae Park .pdf

Musealised Historicity Building ‘Colony Architecture’ Francis Chia-Hui Lin .pdf

Preservation and Positioning of the Mining Sites – Case Study on New Taipei City Gold Museum and Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine World Heritage Center Shu-Jung Lo .pdf

Museological Heritage Education Media Literacy Case Study on NTM Aboriginal Relics Lucy Lai .pdf

The Museolization of Hakka Daily Life Between Cultural Heritage and Cultural Park Lan-Lan Lu .pdf

Can an Island be a Museum─The Contemporary Construction and Exhibition Landscape of Lanyu Heritage “Museumization” Cheng-Hsien Yang .pdf

Reinventing Galleries at the Palace Museum, Beijing History, Challenge, and Innovation Sun Miao .pdf

From Temple to Museum the Collection Constructing of Lungshan Temple and Imagination of the Museum Yu-Jui Yang .pdf

House of Spirits Patricia Huang, Hui-Ju Lin .pdf

Two Memorials, One Vision of Singaporean Identity:The Lim Bo Seng Memorial and Nanyang Volunteer Drivers and Mechanics Memorial Sculpture Tsu Hou NG .pdf

Who Owns History? Diverse Perspectives on Curating an Ancient Egyptian Kestrel Eric Dorfman .pdf

Entangled Agencies: Museums as Cultural Generators Anthony Alan Shelton .pdf