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A Romance between Plants and Insects

Taiwan, belonging to subtropical climate zone, is home to diverse green plant that grow in cities, country side and forests. Insects are commonly spotted everywhere in nature, cities or residence. Insects and plants interact each other.


The interaction has occurred for a long time since the “Carboniferous period” of the Earth’s geologic time scale. Flowering plants have started to flourish since the “Cretaceous period”, and insects that feed on them have evolved accordingly. Insects assist in pollination by visiting particular plant group, rapidly increasing the species diversity of flowering plants. And as insects eat plants, certain special plant also feed on insects. Certain insect s cooperate with plant, and together they form a symbiotic relationship that is interdependent and beneficial to both, for example fig trees and fig wasps.


The power of evolution enables ”insects” and “plants”, two entirely different groups, to share a very intimate and interdependent relationship.



Venue:National Taiwan Museum