Date Title
2020/07/20 Once Upon A Time in the Frontier - Unveiling National Taiwan Museum’s Qing Dynasty Antique Documents
2020/07/06 Witnessing Taiwanese History Development and Modernization: NTM Railway Department Park Opens Officially
2020/03/19 Museum Events Canceled Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
2020/03/19 Prevention and control measures for COVID-19
2020/01/22 Precious scientific illustrations exhibited at the NTM, amazing viewers with the astonishing beauty of "bare-faced" Taiwan
2020/01/19 Introducing Brand New Feature: Kangxi Map of Taiwan Comes Alive in Arena Theater, Taking You Back to the 18th Century
2020/01/17 National Taiwan Museum Calls for Family Campaign: 2020 Sustainable Reunion Dinner
2019/07/15 (Press Release)NTM Exhibits Taiwan’s Indigenous Tattooing Culture in Thailand
2019/02/20 Timetable of Korean Guided Tours 한국어 박물관 투어!!
2019/02/03 English Guided Tour of Permanent Exhibition "Discovering Taiwan" on April!
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